Ready to join our team?

At the heart of W-Industries is our team. 

We invest in people to develop and empower a highly-competent workforce that brings immense passion, experience and knowledge to every project. We provide resources to ensure that proper training and advancement opportunities cultivate growth and innovation.

We are continually looking for motivated, innovative and determined people to join our team. Our continued growth equates to tremendous opportunities for candidates in all career stages. You bring your skills, experience and passion, and we will equip you with the training and tools you need to succeed.

Supporting Career Growth

A company is only as good as its people. W-Industries recognizes the importance of providing opportunity and training to continually support career growth and development. Our W-University program:

  • Empowers team members to personalize their career path
  • Builds skills
  • Promotes gaining experience
  • Provides ongoing access to training
  • Assigns relevant mentors
  • Paves career paths that lead to long-term advancement within the company