We believe our Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality performance is the primary measure of our success.

Actions speak louder than words. W-Industries is committed to an incident-free workplace, reducing hazards, safeguarding equipment and minimizing the impact to the environment. We continually work to improve on the services we provide to our clients with HSE&Q processes, rules, and principles founded on management commitment, leading by example, accountability, and a sense of personal responsibility.

We invest in our employees by ensuring that our people receive proper job training to exceed that of current industry regulations and best practices. We have a team of safety professionals that bring over 75 years of experience embedded in our operations to help uphold our HSSE&Q commitments to exceed expectations.

We're Committed To:

The consideration of safety excellence in the design, construction, testing, assembly, operation and restoration of all properties and facilities;
Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees in an effort to reduce work related physical injury and illness;
Assessing and addressing the potential risks and hazards of business activities;
Compliance with all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements;
Participation in the development of new legislation, regulations and technologies;
Reviewing performance and communicating progress;
The prevention of pollution; and
Providing resources necessary for the implementation, control and continual improvement of environmental, safety and health performance.

Quality is Engrained in Our Culture

W-Industries believes that quality does not start with the first inspection, the first design review or even the first planning meeting for each project. For W-Industries, quality started in 1984 when a team of engineers came together to design and built our first control panel.

“Customer Satisfaction Every Time” is our corporate culture and what our employees strive to everyday. All employees are dedicated to providing the best and most robust designs, solutions, products and services to our customers around the world without exception. Our management team is committed to supporting our Quality Management System and staff in their efforts towards quality improvement.

W-Industries’ Quality Management System is certified by DNV GL according to ISO 9001:2015.

Our Vision:

Accident Free – No Harm to Environment – Quality Performance

It is expected that all contractors, purchasers, and other parties on W-Industries property will also abide by our established environmental, safety, and health policies and procedures.