Providing Process-Driven Integrated Topside Solutions for Offshore Production Facilities

Offshore oil and gas operations involve complex systems often tied to multi-generational assets. W-Industries removes the challenges tied to the integration of multiple hardware and software with the development of flexible process systems and controls. By working with W-Industries, asset managers can effectively enhance efficiencies with advanced system designs, enhance communication to identify potential process and safety hazards early enough to prevent an incident, and increase reliability with sound engineering.

Reliable Solutions for the Harshest of Environments

As exploration pressures and depths continue to increase, reliability takes on a whole new meaning. The W-Industries advantage is we’ve grown and adapted our designs and systems right alongside some of the largest and most innovative E&P projects around the globe. The experience our team has in engineering, manufacturing and installing these complex systems to perform and last in the harshest of conditions is unparallel to none. We are fully aware of the requirement and methods necessary to optimize for harsh offshore environments.

Over Thirty-Five Years of Deepwater Process Experience

Since 1984, our multidisciplinary engineering teams have combined their intimate knowledge of exploration and production (E&P) activities with industry best practices and sustainable design principles to deliver complete lifecycle solutions. Through our extensive deepwater experience, our field-proven strategies ensure project success in any environment.

Facilitating Projects Around the World

Throughout our history, W-Industries has mobilized to install and deliver thousands of systems around the world. We’ve facilitated projects in the Gulf of Mexico, East Africa, West Africa, Brazil, Asia Pacific, Israel, the Middle East and beyond. Wherever you need a solution, we can deliver.