Commissioning, Start-Up & Field Services

Careful Planning and Methodical Execution for an Event-Free Startup & Continued Support

Commissioning and startup is the transitional phase between construction completion and commercial operations. It encompasses all activities that bridge these two phases including system turnover, system verification, commissioning of systems, introduction of feedstock and performance testing. As part of our comprehensive solution offerings, W-Industries is uniquely poised to perform commissioning, start-up and accompanying field services on the components we engineer, construct and assemble. From single skid installations to platforms and plants, W-Industries supports each project with a level of expertise and craftsmanship that ensures the job is done correctly, the first time, every time. But our services don’t end at startup. Our maintenance and field services complete the loop, ensuring W-Industries provides the AIM support you need to manage an asset’s entire lifecycle.
Inspection and calibration are imperative to fully evaluate a system for a safe start-up. W-Industries assures the operational reliability of all instruments and devices designed to monitor, control and supervise industrial processes in accordance with relevant standards.
Our team’s in-depth knowledge of automation and control, process design and system packaging equipment enable us to easily troubleshoot problems for quicker repairs in the field. We can also outfit your systems with equipment that enables us to remotely troubleshoot issues without the need for an onsite visit.
W-Industries provides all tests necessary to safely transfer a platform, plant or facility from construction to operations, including final acceptance tests.
W-Industries’ obsolescent management solutions take into account the life span of all moving pieces of a complex system with a plan to replace obsolete components as they age,  preventing unnecessary emergency situations. As part of our management process we plan, monitor, forecast and understand where vulnerabilities exist. We then put AIM plans into action.
We provide a full range of maintenance and field services for every stage of your equipment’s operating lifecycle. Whether a client is looking for a specific service such as testing, repair or replacement, or looking for a full preventive maintenance package, we have the resources and knowhow to minimize downtime.
Our master service plans provide clients piece of mind to know assets will remain in peak operational condition for the duration of a project. Serving as an extension of our client’s team, we perform routine inspections to monitor and maintain operations according to company-specific, AIM performance indicators.
We provide in depth training on all systems and equipment to ensure operators are fully competent on project handover to operations.
Our comprehensive critical system engineering studies help ensure compliance and can identify areas within a system for improved efficiencies.
Our Customer Owned Property (COP) storage offering prevents clients from needing to lease additional facilities. While in storage, we offer equipment preservation services including but not limited to bi-annual or annual inspections, pressure testing, mobilization, de-mobilization.

Project Experience Provides a Critical Success Factor

Every project and process is unique. This is essential to understand when preparing for startup and continued safe operations. W-Industries' team has years of direct operating experience in managing the commissioning, startup and support of multiple types of projects in locations across the globe. Each of these experiences provides our team with new and relevant knowledge that is applied in understanding how a piece of equipment should function in a specific process environment. This enables our team to predict potential hazards and integrity management issues that may arise.

Steps to Keep a Startup on Track

Startup is the ultimate test of all steps leading up to project completion. Comprehensive knowledge of the entire automation and information systems is critical for success. W-Industries ensures our project engineers are onsite and play a hands on role during startup. We also perform all testing prior to commissioning to minimized time onsite. Comprehensive training is provided to all essential personnel and lifecycle management plans are put into place for future upgrades or migrations.

Support for Continued Integrity Management

Verification of all installed systems for compliance to plans and specification is essential during commissioning and startup. However, it is also imperative to keep production going. W-Industries' support services provide the added value of working with a team fully immersed in the understanding of a piece of equipment from cradle to grave. Our engineering studies and inspection offerings paired with our maintenance and repair services provide peace of mind to keep equipment safely online.