Control Packages

Control Infrastructure That Boosts Performance Today and Readily Adapts for Tomorrow

All W-Industries HPUs are custom-designed solutions made specific to each client’s needs. Each self-contained system provides clean and reliable hydraulic energy for consistent control and operations of a wide variety of equipment, including subsea controls, topside actuated valves and IWOCS.
W-Industries' hydraulic control panels are engineered to handle even the most complex control sequential valve, motor and pump operations as well as emergency shutdown, manual override and safety shutdowns.
TUTAs, or also referred to as TUTUs, provide the interface between the main umbilical and the topside control equipment. It is a network of piping, valves, gauges and instruments that directs the flow of chemicals (such as methanol) and hydraulic power fluid to and from the umbilical. W-Industries installs and commissions TUTAs that are standalone compact module units that interface easily with all inputs. Each of our units is designed and constructed to customer specifications related to the number of lines and tubing sizes as well as a wide range of pressures.
An SDU distributes hydraulic supplies, electrical power supplies, signals, and injection chemicals to the subsea facilities, connecting to the subsea umbilical through the SUTA. W-Industries utilizes a modular design to customize to project requirements with the capability to mount communication distribution units (CDUs) or subsea accumulator models and electrical distribution units.
With or without chemical storage tanks, small single pump skids to large skids housing 50+ pumps, we have designed and built it. API-675 stroke adjustable metering pumps or API-674 triplex reciprocating pump solutions with multi-point metering and distribution, W-Industries can provide any chemical injection solution our customers need within the skid limits.
A Master Control Station (MCS) is a dedicated system that provides control and data monitoring information essential to maintaining safe operating conditions and optimizing production. W-Industries modular MCSs are designed to be compatible with legacy systems while utilizing the latest technologies for advanced communication capabilities.
Electrical Power Units (EPUs) supply dual, isolated, single-phase power at the desired voltage and frequency to a dedicated system. All W-Industries EPUs offer line insulation management and failure warnings as redundancies and to maintain safe operations.
Our electrical control panels are designed according to each unique project requirements to achieve the necessary level of functionality and durability while adhering to UL, NEC, CE, and CSA standards. When designing an electrical control panel, we account for every detail, including install environment, heat calculations, electrical requirements, sizing, and any existing controls equipment.
W-Industries' operator cabins are designed to combine both user comfort with a safe working environment that can withstand exposure to the harshest of elements. Cabins are customized to project specifications and can be built to include a multitude of elements including workshops, living quarters, switchgears, MCCs, HVAC systems, pressurization, systems, gas systems, fire alarm and suppression systems, relay panels, UPS systems and more.
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Delivering Proven and Predictable Performance Over an Asset's Full Lifecycle

Components and systems essential to operations must work. That is why they are considered essential. One unchecked element can take down an entire project. Our ability to control the quality throughout every step of the build from design and assembly to start-up and support is what keeps our customers coming back to us to build out their control systems even twenty plus years later.

Pride in Our Deliverables

We know each intimate detail of every part, unit, system, and package that leaves our facilities. That’s because we’ve lived and breathed engineering, troubleshooting, fabrication, manufacturing, testing, audits and associated quality checks. As a result, our team takes great pride in continuing to provide support of every control system throughout its entire lifecycle.

Continuity of Experience

The tenure of our team is unrivaled in our industry. That means when you work with W-Industries you have access to one of the most knowledgeable teams in the field of automation, controls, process design and system packaging solutions. The likelihood is that if you have a challenge, we’ve seen it before. And if not, our team’s experience proves invaluable in developing a solution.
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