Cyber Security

Implementing Cyber Frameworks and In-Depth Security Controls for Operational Technology (OT) Environments

As industrial systems become more connected, they also become more exposed to vulnerabilities. The transition from isolated to connected systems and increasing number of connected devices and networks results in an increased surface attack area. Minimizing the attack surface and mitigating risks have become a necessary part of industrial operations. The W-Industries Industrial Cyber team provides OT infrastructure design and security assurance with sustainability in mind, while aiming to increase the availability, integrity and confidentiality of industrial control systems (ICS).

W-Industries takes the time to understand the value associated with a firewall. We implement them where necessary and configure them to be useful.

While each company’s architectural needs vary, W- Industries ensures the networks we plan, design and commission are structured to handle large data volumes, meet  regulatory requirements and incorporate best practices for security, reliability, sustainability and ease of operation.

W-Industries provides physical and virtual systems designed with the ability to expand when needed. We select physical vs. virtual environments based on customer needs and applications, weighing the benefits of a scalable flexible virtual environment against cost, maintenance and complexity.

A thin client is a computer that runs from resources stored on a central server instead of the local device hardware. It is designed with minimal complexity for a minimal attack surface and restricted by the server.

W-Industries infrastructure services are positioned to assess an environment’s current state, determine future maturity, and build an actionable roadmap for applying the latest endpoint security strategies. Services include:

  • Inventory, planning, design and procedure
  • Configuration, staging, upgrades, FAT, commissioning, SAT and handover
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Migration, decommissioning and divestment
  • Management, monitoring, troubleshooting and corrective action

W-Industries industrial cyber team utilizes its expertise and advanced tools to help secure customer environments to minimize the risk of attack . Services include:

  • Compliance audits, risk assessment and mitigation
  • System hardening and lockdown
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention and Anomaly detection
  • Vulnerability and Penetration testing
  • Segmentation and remediation using IEC/ ISA62443, ICS-CERT, CIS and NIST standards

Using W-Industries continuous monitoring and security-first compliance approach creates a sustainable security environment. This includes the implementation of antivirus, backup/recovery, patch management and syslog/SIEM.

W-Industries analyzes networks and systems for customers looking to identify vulnerabilities, interdependencies, capabilities, and cascading effects of efficiency impacts on critical cyber infrastructures.

With ever increasing cyber threats, having a robust incident response plan in place is vital. W-Industries utilizes security threat intelligence, incident response and remediation to help minimize the impact caused by a security incident. We can also assist with rapid recovery solutions and disaster recovery planning.

W-Industries post incident analysis provides a comprehensive view of an attack so an organization can incorporate what was learned to make informed decisions to protect against the future attack.


OT Solutions Centered Around Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality

The foundation of our Cyber Security solutions center around the AIC triad fundamentals that a service or system should always respond, information cannot be altered in a service or system without detection, and data should never be shared with unauthorized parties.

Built-in Redundancies

We design redundancies in our systems to avoid a single point of failure. This ensures a network can remain in service by providing alternative data paths or backup equipment.

Scale Existing Remote Access Capabilities Securely

Our solutions enhance the security, performance and agility of an existing network structure while safely scaling capabilities.