Process & Flow Assurance

Providing Field-Proven, Engineered Process & Flow Assurance Solutions That Optimize Production

W-Industries’ experienced team designs, constructs and delivers some of the largest and most complex skids in the world ranging from chemical storage, pumping, metering and distribution to topside and subsea hydraulic power units, fuel gas conditioning, seal gas compression, air compression, nitrogen generation among other specialized process and utility systems.
With or without chemical storage tanks, small single pump skids to large skids housing 50+ pumps, we have designed and built it. API-675 stroke adjustable metering pumps or API-674 triplex reciprocating pump solutions with multi-point metering and distribution, W-Industries can provide any chemical injection solution our customers need within the skid limits.
W-Industries chemical injection unit
API-675 metering pump single point solutions or API-674 bulk pumping with metered distribution systems, we have designed and delivered some of the largest most complex methanol injection systems in the world.
W-Industries methanol injection system
100 SCFM to 10,000+ SCFM. Oil flooded or oil free twin screw, reciprocating, or centrifugal, we can package the right compressor to meet piping and instrumentation requirements to satisfy project air demands.
W-Industries air compressor package
Membrane banks or desiccant towers, heated or heatless, we can package the right system to piping and instrumentation requirements, ensuring a facility has the proper spec instrument air supply.
W-Industries air dryer packages
W-Industries Nitrogen Generation Packages
Membrane or PSA, we can provide the right system designed to piping and instrumentation requirements, ensuring nitrogen is delivered to the facility at the purity and rate required.
W-Industries has designed and delivered the largest HPU’s in the world. Topsides or Subsea controls, we can satisfy any hydraulic power requirements.
W-Industries can design, manufacture and package air receivers, separators, scrubbers and other process packages to project specifications.
Fuel gas conditioning packages with or without scrubbers, heaters, and controls can be tailored to meet specific project requirements.
W-Industries Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems
Through strategic relationships with companies with waterside access locations, W-Industries is able to provide turnkey modules that are too large for transport over road from our Houston area facilities. Modules can be designed and fabricated for any variety of applications including but not limited to chemical, methanol, MEG, or water injection applications, hydraulic power, electrical buildings, all fully automated and programmed for a turnkey solution for any customer need.
W-Industries Process and Flow Assurance

Strategic Partnerships Results in Quicker Delivery from Concept to Commissioning

At W-Industries we recognize the value of developing solid relationships with our clients. Working strategically as part of your project team from FEED to execution let us help you control costs, optimize results, and solidify your execution strategy. We can support your project every step of the way, including continued aftermarket support once a system is in operation.

Constant Communication

We place great value on open communication and frequent touch points throughout a project. This enables us to make early adjustments and remain nimble in order to minimize the impact of changes to the overall project budget and timeline.

Providing Peace of Mind

Our true goal in building relationships with each of our clients is to solidify trust and deliver peace of mind. The solutions we provide are essential to safe and reliable operations. Working seamlessly with our clients and partners is key to ensuring we produce the highest quality output.
W-Industries Process and Flow Assurance 2