Innovative, Custom, and Scalable Automation Solutions That Drive Increased Communication and Efficiency

Rapidly evolving technologies, increased value of data, and advances in analytics have created the need for tighter integration of industrial automation software with various enterprise systems - new and old. From large distributed control systems containing supervisory databases and ERP/MES/MOM integration to machine level HMI and PLC programming, W-Industries has designed, programmed and implemented thousands of industrial automation systems around the world. All software is developed with Ease-Of-Use at the core and real-world flexibility to adapt to quickly changing production needs and unexpected equipment situations to maximize uptime.
W-Industries develops new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems from the ground up customizing to each individual project need. Our experienced process and control system engineering team also troubleshoots, updates, and adds to pre-existing PLC systems, providing seamless integration solutions.
Our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems provide the ability to perform a supervisory operation over a variety of proprietary control devices. We design, program and commission custom systems that can control large-scale processes that can include multiple sites, and work over large distances as well as small distance.
W-Industries' subsea production control system (PCS) technology drives more efficient monitoring, maximizes production and reduces risk. Our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians produce the most optimal automation solutions for safe and efficient topside and subsea control systems worldwide.
W-Industries' distributed control systems (DCS) increase reliability and reduce installation costs by localizing control functions near the process facility utilizing remote monitoring and supervision.
Collaborative Process Automation Systems (CPAs) recognize only two systems in a process facility - the business system and the CPAS, each with different classes of applications. W-Industries' CPAS leverage a single, non‐hierarchical Ethernet/TCP‐IP communications backbone such that field devices, controllers and applications to exchange data and information without barriers.
W-Industries Automation Systems 1
Fully-integrated approach streamlines development and aligns complementary technologies.

Providing Actionable Insights Through User-Friendly Interfaces

Flexibility is the key to integration that can more readily be preserved in the face of inevitable changes in technology, control strategy and business processes. W-Industries focuses on developing an automation architecture that streamlines integration tasks, in turn enabling increased levels of collaboration and productivity, improved operator effectiveness, as well as streamlined system engineering effort and lower lifecycle costs.

Robust Monitoring Capabilities

Establishing meaningful communication links among field devices, controllers and software applications is a central task of W-Industries's automation work. We develop information integration platforms with visualization that link key systems. The result is robust, secure and user-friendly monitoring capabilities that enable greater collaboration and informed decision‐making across sites.

Simplified Integration

We focus on well-designed and structured, modular code appropriate for use across multiple platforms in a variety of industrial settings. Our reusable code utilizes function and class-based architectures and adheres to standards including structured text, function blocks, and sequential flow charts. The benefit is a flexible system that is easy to integrate, understand, debug, and modify for future needs.
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Building flexibility into our automation systems enables our solutions to easily adapt to ever-changing processes.