Cyber Security

Implementing Cyber Frameworks and In-Depth Security Controls for Operational Technology (OT) Environments

As industrial systems become more connected, they also become more exposed to vulnerabilities. The transition from closed to open systems, along with the expansion of connected devices and networks results in an increased surface attack area. Minimizing the security footprint and mitigating risks have become a necessary part of industrial operations. The W-Industries Industrial Cyber team provides OT infrastructure design and security assurance with sustainability in mind. Our focus on sustainability aims to increase the availability, integrity and confidentiality of industrial control systems (ICS).
W-Industries utilizes OS isolation technology that gives you the benefits of an extremely hardened endpoint without interrupting user productivity.
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Infrastructures that Provide Critical Security Assurance

As more and more companies become dependent on virtual connections, enterprises need to be hyper-vigilant about how they secure their employees’ devices.

Infrastructure Design

A comprehensive and detailed network infrastructure design is critical to eliminating security gaps and minimizing risk. We start by investing time in understanding your needs, business goals, compliance issues to develop a network design that eliminates and minimizes single points of failure.

Security Risk Mitigation

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